Directional Dreams: Go Home, Jacob!

In Genesis 31 we see the story of Jacob who had a dream about going back to his native homeland.    THE BACK STORY Jacob had journeyed to Haram to find a wife. He wanted to marry Rachel, but to do so he had to work for  her father, Laban, taking care of his goats. During the time Jacob worked for him, Laban didn’t deal with  him honestly and with integrity (see Gen 31:38-42). Laban tricked Jacob into marrying his eldest  daughter before he could marry Rachel, and he changed Jacob’s wages multiple times.    THE DREAM

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THE RALLY OKC: A Gathering for Creative Artists

Amy L. Coello will be in attendance and will also be leading a breakout session at the The Rally OKC on February 11, 2017 at 2:45 PM. Amy Coello, Dream Coach, will be training dreamers on how to unlock, unveil, and unleash the parabolic language of heaven. Dreamers will learn the basic foundation for dream interpretation and will be learning how to interpret each other’s dream language from a biblical perspective.

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