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Amy Coello Special Guest on Robert Plank Show (Podcast)

September 30, 2016 @ 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CDT

Amy Coello was interviewed on Friday, September 30th at 11AM CST ON the Robert Plank Show.  For more information on the Robert Plank show plast visit http://bit.ly/RPS093016

Use Dreams to Achieve Breakthroughs: Find Guidance, Understanding, Confidence and Business Success with Amy Coello


Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into a supercomputer and make any decision or solve any problem quicky and easily? You can, and it’s called your subconscious mind! Amy Coello stops by the program to tell us how to dream better, remember our dreams, and even set ourselves up for lucid dream, so we can make money while we sleep.

[showhide type=”transcript” more_text=”Display Transcript” less_text=”Hide Transcript”]Robert Plank: Amy Coello is going to be talking to us about spiritual dream interpretation, and she is the wife of Robert Coello and the mother of 11 children. A successful author, teacher and business owner with 20 years experience in the legal field. She’s currently filming the show “Journey into your dreams” so Amy welcome to the podcast.

Amy Coello: Thank you so much for having me.

Robert Plank: Glad that you’re here so just to kind of kick us off I have two quick questions for you, but I think they’re easy questions. The first question is why are dreams so important for us, and the second question is what makes you stand out as opposed to anyone else who does this dream interpretation stuff.

Amy Coello: Well they’re important because… I’ve been teaching on dreams for well over a decade I traveled internationally. I’ve studied every culture out there. I’ve studied the psychology of dream interpretation the young and the old and the understanding having a tour of a brighter understanding, and everything in between. I really wanted to hone in and grab on what is this. I’ve always been a dreamer. Of course everybody is a dreamer. One time I had a dream that was so specific and it actually came to pass. It flipped me out. I was like wait a minute there’s got to be something to this. I kind of honed in on that, and when I realize I could interpret dreams it was like this parabolic language. This hidden language. I kind of dove in this study and culture.

I come from the corporate world. I am in more analytical. I’ve been in law for 24 years. I ran my own company for a number of years it’s kind of like a odd change for me to move from corporate over to spiritual understanding and I think that’s what makes me different in that I combine the two. A lot of corporate people either teach from a corporate aspect, and spiritual people teach from a spiritual aspect. Very rarely do you find that type of market where it’s both We’re starting to see this kind of a up-rise people in the corporate world saying hey there’s something bigger out there why don’t I take my spiritualism and bring into what I do every single day. Dreams are important because they give divine guidance and divine wisdom, and they will actually give you very specific information about what to do next. They will guide you. I run a mentorship group of corporate people. The mentorship group is called dreams for launch. It’s basically gain your dream assignment project into intervention, and bringing that to a place where you launch it. Putting a action play into those dreams.

I’m giving an example because it’s so interesting because just last… three nights ago I had this dream. It was a very very specific and very clear. I was directed to do a info product on the freedom spirit which basically means how do we walk in love, peace, joy, patients kindness gentleness and self-control. How do we stay in that and not I’ve home at 5 o’clock in the evening and somebody cut us off and we draw the finger and start cussing.

How do we stay in that so that we can hear relevantory information. The moment you step out of that peace love Joy… the moment you step out of that you don’t hear anything. Really you’re just like fair game to lack of control, chaos, stuff like that. In the dream, I was given this dream and it was a very specific info product to sell and in the dream I was given the introduction. The dream told me, God told, me circle the introduction around perfect love cast not fear. I woke up and I’m like hey that’s the next info product. Here we go how can I lose? I think that’s why it’s important because we have a group of people experiencing just that thing just exactly what I mentioned. Maybe they’re creating a service. Maybe God’s telling them to market to a certain audience. Maybe he’s honing in on a target audience or… so dreams are not so much about… we think dreams are this weird ton of pink flying elephants kind of dreams that we just don’t know what to do with, and until we hone in and start reading our dreams and learning how to interpret the symbols of the language there’s so much more out there that were not tapping into as entrepreneurs.

Robert Plank: All of that kind of just starts my brain almost lit on fire just thinking about all the ways that Life can be easier and life can actually have meaning. I mean you’ve spent 20 years in the legal field, and we all know that stereotype. We have all experienced some of that I don’t know losing your soul to the corporateness of it and just… working those long hours.

Amy Coello: All the devil.

Robert Plank: Just getting through the day, and having more caffeine, and putting in those long hours and all nighters. Especially like the last month or so for me, Amy, I’ve just been very aware of the importance of that self-care, and self-reflection. Waking up early and having the quiet time, and getting on all these long walks. It helps so much just to reduce to stress, and at the same time, sort of like you mentioned before, to not become like the person that meditates 8 hours a day. Only eats all vegan food. There’s definitely a way to have your cake and eat it too it sounds like where you can only be the best self you can, be fulfilled, be productive, but then also have these tools and tap into your dreams to solve the problems in your waking life it sounds like.

Amy Coello: Yeah. Absolutely. It’s interesting. You can either… there’s a balance between hugging a tree and hugging a pencil. We come to that balance, and what I found and what I teach to my mentorship group, is that you’ve got to hone in because if you don’t as an entrepreneur. You and I both know you will cast seed everywhere all day long, right, because you’re just spinning wheels. What will hit. If not this, then this, and if not this, then this. You spend all your time building this product, and yet now you don’t know how to market it. Entrepreneurs struggle with having to be their accountant, their marketing department, their writing department, their video department, their… As entrepreneurs, we will… we can have like to hone into what we are good at, and fail to do that other part. Well, guess what, God can be your business partner. If we listen, and we tap into that, the direction that we hone in on. I could’ve gotten up that day from that dream, and thought “Oh, whatever.” Gone and did some filming on whatever it is I was doing instead of going “you know what, I’m going to tap into this.” That dream. I’m going to follow this dream out. AS I begin to follow that dream out, it’s going to save time. It’s going to save energy. It’s going bring peace because you know what you’re doing is locking arms with the spirit realm. How do we loose, right?

Robert Plank: Yes. Just drive it, and see what happens. AS you’re explaining this, it kind of just makes me think that well… I wish I could remember more dreams, and I wish that my dreams were as specific as what you described where I dream specifically said make this 9 part information product. Is there a secret to even remembering dreams? Because I know that I have them. Some days I’ll wake up, and I’ll be in a good mood for whatever reason, or I’ll have some kind of random thought in my head, or some kind of problem that I hadn’t had solved. I went to bed, and I wake up and now I kind of figured it out. I know I have dreams, but I would say that I only remember maybe one dream a year. It’s usually something weird, and I’ll remember that thing. I’ll go to a dream dictionary, or I’ll do a Google search, and Ill search for “I dreamed about eating steak,” or I’ll dream about some kind of person was like arguing with me. I’ve heard about that part, and I’ve heard about things like have a dream journal next to your bed. I did that, but I couldn’t remember anything to write down in the journal, and I’ve earn about things like play some kind of hypnosis video. Say something mantra before bed, and I’ve tried all these different things, but no matter what I do. I’m not able to remember dreams on a consistent basis. Is there a secret to remembering more?

Amy Coello: It’s not really a secret. A few things you just said are what we recommend. One of the things that I recommend is just getting all the electronics out of your room. We spend so much time looking… going to bed after we scrolling through whatever it is on our phone. That puts off energy. Dreams are energy. God is light. Light is energy. Here’s this fight. We have the host energy, which is our electronic, EMS, and stuff like that. We help people get all of that out of your room. Prepare a place to hear.

Open the dream journal next to your bed. Here’s what I tell people. If you do it consistently. What I mean is, don’t go “Oh, I tried that.” No. What I mean is give your heart permission to dream again. Like you said, I said all the mantras and whatever, yet you say I believe that my dreams contain a valid message from God. I’m going to pay attention to my dreams. You may have to do that for as long as you have failed to pay attention. You just keep going into that.

Even if you wake up, and you just remember writing on a piece of paper. Okay, I’m going to write that in my dream journal. Writing on a piece of paper. Why? Because why do we write it down? Because when we’re writing, there’s scientific evidence that says that when you scribe. When you write. You’re actually writing on your heart. Your heart has memories. We tell people write in your dream journal even if it’s just a little bit. Maybe a glimpse of something, or maybe you just feel something, and you write that down on your journal. You got to pick a time because as entrepreneurs, we are so passionate. We’ll get up and go “Oh, that was weird.” Shake the dust off our feet, get your coffee, and head out to whatever we’re doing. We busy, busy, busy. When we take that quite time, and we take those walks, and we ponder and meditate on what I call the Night Season. The ministry of the night season. We enter into that place. We give our hearts permission to dream again. When you start opening up your dream life, when you start writing it down, it starts to come little by little. Here’s the thing, God’s going to speak to you anyway. He’ll speak to you through dire situations. He’ll speak… he’s going to get your attention. I would rather it be at night, and me in my quiet time versus a tragic situation. Take that time to meditate. Make those declarations. Get all the electronics out of your room. Pay attention to what you’re feeding off of, so if I’m watching like crime or murder mysteries before bed. Clearly, I’m setting myself up for something that I don’t want. I make it a habit to make sure I’m eating on things that tare fruitful for my life. The dreams come. They do come. You have to be faithful on your end to continue writing them down even if it’s just a little bit. Even if you’re just journalism your feelings of what you though when you were sleeping. Here’s the deal. I can tell you when I go speak at places, I can tell where a person is spiritually the dept of the level of spirituality based on their dream. When you’re just starting to dream, pay attention to those twilight dreams. Those are the ones that happen 5 minutes before you wake up. Those are very very powerful dreams. If you’re on a Sunday afternoon, eat some lunch. Set your alarm. Set it for about an hour. You will wake up in the middle of a dream. You got to practice dreaming. It’s a gift. It’s an art form. When you do that, go ahead and hone in. When you hone in, it’s like God, the Universe, the Great light whatever you call this thing that’s bigger than you that’s pulling you into your path of destiny. It’s going to meet you where you’re at, but you can’t just try it out. We’re entrepreneurs. We’ll bounce.

Robert Plank: We’ll get distracted. What you’re saying is instead of treating it like a hobby, it needs to be something that maybe you dedicate yourself to. What you’re telling me is, a quick boost or a quick fix first of all is to remove electronics from the bedroom, and to not look at any screens for maybe a while before going to bed. It’s not going to happen overnight, but maybe I have to decide I’m going to spend the next thirty nights, the next ninety nights, just repeating this thing over and over. The best part of all that of what you said is that at first it might just be a stance, it might just be two sentences. AS it repeats more and more as I build up this skill, it’s kind of weird to think of remembering your dreams as a skill. But the way you’re describing it sounds exactly like that.

Amy Coello: Absolutely. Here’s the great part. They become more and more specific to where it’s not always very symbolic, but very direct like it was with me.

I was just talking to a counselor before I got on the show, and we were talking about one of her clients. She had a dream about this certain client maybe a week before, and in the dream the client was very resistant to something she was… She was at the client’s house swimming in their pool. The client came out, and was very resistant to her. Now, this client and the counselor are… have been together for many years, and it had never been a real problem. Water represents spirit, so she was swimming in the water, and there was something that the counselor was going to bring to the next session that was spiritual that the client was going to resist.

It’s unusual because that’s not that client’s typical behavior, so she kind of didn’t have a break for it until the very next session. There was resistance. She was already prepared for it, so she was able to say listen I understand you’re resisting because it’s spiritual. I understand all of your thought processes on that, but could you just trust the process and bring your guard now so we can test this theory out. She was already prepared for that just based on what she does for a living. It gets very specific the more you do this the guidance becomes very clear. Your dreams go from being pink flying elephants to write this information product, and it’s going to be a nine week course and here’s the introduction.

Robert Plank: Nice. I mean, that is the goal. If I could get my dreams that specific, then that’s what I want. As you’re describing all this, you’re talking about like God, and spiritual stuff, I’m not super religious. Lately, I’ve just realized that whether I fully believe in it or not or whether I believe in a divinity or I’m tapping into whatever. It’s like I realize as I’m sitting at my desk, or I’m walking, I’m driving my car, or whatever I can only really focus on maybe four or five things at once. There’s this subconscious mind that’s this huge computer. If we knew everything out subservience was thinking, it would be a firehouse of information. If we’re locked out of , then that’s not good either. This seems like a skill that everyone needs to pay very close attention to and as we get our dreams skill built up. We get it to more advanced stuff, do you know much about lucid dreaming? Do you have any advice about really going into the power zone with that?

Amy Coello: Right. Lucid dreaming is a gift. I have found that either people naturally can do it, and they’ve been doing it since they were young. But there’s also a place where you can practice lucid dreaming. It takes practice. It takes awhile. I know people who just do it on a regular basis, and I’ll give you an example of someone who would… someone in our group who practices lucid dreaming.

The woman was not typically a lucid dreamer, but she came home. It was a Sunday afternoon. She had been at a restaurant with some friends. She comes home and she takes nap. Her daughter who’s 17, she’s out doing her thing on Sunday afternoon. In the dream, she saw a car crossing on intersection, and it got hit on the driver side door. She realize it was her daughters car. IN the dream, the police came to her house, knocked on the door, and she woke up in a panic really. She said she of course texted her daughter, and she said “Where are you, what are you doing.” Her daughter’s like “I’m fine.” So she said “Just be careful,” so she goes back to sleep. She practicing lucid dreaming. She’s very involved in dreams. She goes back to sleep, and she goes right back into the dream. Just like we do when we’re dreaming. We get up, go to the bathroom, we come back and fall right back into the dream. When you do that, that’s the first level of being able to lucid dream. Level number one.

She goes back into the dream, and she’s able to recognize that she’s dreaming which is what lucid dreaming is. You are in the dream, and you are aware that you’re asleep and you’re in the dream. She is able to change the scene. She has the dream completely over again, but this time it hits on… the car still gets hit, but it hits on the back end of it. Not the driver side. Sure enough, if she did not wake up again from that dream… her daughter was in a car accident. It hit in the back end of that car.

Robert Plank: Woah.

Amy Coello: You and I can say “Well, why didn’t you dream that she didn’t get in the car, and get in the car accident in the first place.” I mean, if you’re lucid dreaming, those are different steps in lucid dreaming. You’re able to go in and change the dream. I tell people all the time well… They tell me you have this dream that is a reoccurring dream, it happens all the time that someone’s chasing me, and I’m running and I’m running. I just can’t get away. I’m running molasses. A lot of times we say, go back… when you have the dream again, recognize you’re dreaming. When you do, turn around to the pursuer and tell them to stop. Or we’ll tell people to turn around for the pursuer, ask them what they want from you. That’s even greater. That’s the next level of dreaming being able to communicate with whatever you’re having this reoccurring dream. Reoccurring dreams are very very common. Reoccurring dreams are like God with a megaphone going “Hey, we can’t take you to the next level of success and abundance until we deal with this issue right here.” Reoccurring dreams are generally… the issue you have. That core issue that you have in your life. I’ll give you an example. Mine is running like I’m running and being chases, and I can’t chase. I’m running through molasses as well. That core issue is thriving. I’m an entrepreneur. We strive that’s what we do until we learn not to. If I’m not careful, I’ll kick open doors because I’m educated. I’m talented. I know what I’m doing. I’ll kick open doors that were never meant to be open, and then a year later I’m spinning out of control because it wasn’t a door that God was opening for me. Because of my striving, I can kick that door open and go do it anyway. When I have that dream, I can recognize “Oh, I look around and think Amy what are you striving for. What door are you trying to kick open that you’re not supposed to walk through.” Those are why we have reoccurring dreams.

Robert Plank: Interesting. It’s like our subconscious subtle way of telling us “Well, if you don’t deal with this problem soon then it’ll be worse” or this is a thing you’ve been ignoring, and we need to fix. As far as like… let’s say we get to the stage where we can remember our dreams more, and they get more specific and move into lucid dreaming. IN that category, many a few years ago, I read upon stuff like this. They said things like if you’re in a room while you’re awake, flick light switches, or look at a clocks and numbers. Look at your hands a lot. It’s only worked once in my life. One time in my life I had a dream where I looked down at my hands, and it was almost like I was blinded by the sun. I couldn’t quite look at my hands without it like hurting. Maybe for minute or so, maybe two minutes, I was aware of the dream. I knew I was dreaming. I could control things, but that is literally the only time in my life that I was able to get that. Are there things that we can do once we start remembering our dreams, stuff like that, things we can do dive into that lucid dreaming?

Amy Coello: Yes. I typical will tell people in my classes. What you can do is… use Sunday afternoon to do this, and instead of working crazy amounts of hours on Sundays like we usual do. Take the time. Go to bed. Set your alarm. Try to wake up during that REM phase which is every night you’re having a dream, you go from alpha to delpha to beta. It’s in that REM phase that you start dreaming. In about that hour, hour and half, set your alarm and wake up in it. What’s happening is you’re making yourself become aware of when you enter into REM.

Throughout the day, throughout your day, you start telling yourself “I am in a lucid dream, and when I’m in the dream, I will know I’m lucid dreaming because I will look at my hand. I will see my hand, and I will know I’m lucid dreaming.” You begin to give yourself specific instructions, and it may not be tomorrow. You probably had it once in your life because you’re focused on other things. My focus is on dreams. That’s what I do. I’m n business, but I’m in the business of dreams. But you’re not. If you’re a car dealer, you’re not. You’re just not, but if you take the time to make this a part time job of yours because why. Why? Because there is a place where you are specifically guided and given direction that will make your schedule and your business streamline. It will streamline. It will give you… here’s the deal. It’ll even tell you who not to do business with. It will reveal agendas.

Robert Plank: Interesting.

Amy Coello: Not only that, it will also remove the locks out of your way that when you’re trying to manifest something, and you’re believing in something enough to be able to bring it about. A lot of times, we can’t. It just will not manifest. Because there’s a block there, and to even hone in and go in and tell you where that block is. We call that inner healing.

I had a client in my group who had this dream. Struggling with rage. Struggling with rage. Nicest person I’ve ever met, but then there was this part of them just got really angry with his family. If he has a dream, he comes back, he says okay I’ve had this dream. The whole dream is taken place in an amuse park, but there was once part of this amusement park that was blocked off. When he peered in the window, there was nothing in there. He thought maybe even there was supposed to be some construction or something, but at this amusement park there’s nothing in there. Well, there’s some other parts to the dream, but what that told me was that amusement park is his brain. There’s park block off. We need to let’s go in, look at where that part is, and we’re able to guide him through. When part of the dream had to do with a girl who he was naked with in the dream, and then she didn’t want to be with him anymore. Okay, well that tells me something. Who was the first girl that you exposed yourself and was transparent with and protected you? Sure enough, seven years old, her name is blah, blah, blah.

We’re able to go in and talk about that. Bring it to the surface because that was an underlining trigger. It was a trigger point for this person. We can even go in and look at a lot that will help you get tot he next level.

Robert Plank: It sounds amazing, but also kind of spooky in a good way. As you were describing this, what was going through my head about that was just that we all do things that keep ourselves healthy. We eat right. We exercise. We take our car to the shop. We all should also take care of our mind as well as our body. It sounds like a lot of people who aren’t aware of their dreams, or people who aren’t aware that they should be improving this dream skill. It sounds like a lot of people are missing out on the insights and all trial and error. It sounds like a lot of people, especially us entrepreneurs, could short cut years maybe even decades of mistakes, frustrations, loss time, aggravation, and all that good stuff. If someone is listening to this, and they like what they hear, or even if they’re just a little but curious. They want to know more about this dream stuff. They want to know more about us Amy. Where can they go to find out about all of this?

Amy Coello: I want you to join me on Facebook at Amy Coello. My public page, I don’t have anymore room on my private page. Go to my website amycoello.com. You can click on the learn tab, and we’ve got our dream circle mention ship group right there. We also have eyes2c.org. That’s our dream journal. It’s an online dream journal. Go int there, start recording your dreams in there. Put even just the tiniest bit. Record just even… you know, feelings. It’s a spiritual journal. It’s not even just a dream journal. It’s a spiritual journal. Keep your thoughts, and what’s going on in the morning. Spend sometime and go do that. If you have trouble with the dream, you can click Submit my Dream Team. We’ve been together for many, many years, and they will help you interpret that dream. It’s actually a research project. We believe. We know that God is speaking to you individually though your dreams, but what must he be saying to us collectively. We might go through dark theories with the Dallas shooting. We knew the time, the place, and the city that the city was going to happen. If we called the FBI and said, “Hey. We had couple of people who had dream about the shooting.” The FBI would have profiled us and hung up on us. What if we had 241 people who had that dream now with us?

Robert Plank: I think so.

Amy Coello: Yeah. I think so too, and that’s our research project. Go in and champion with us. Keep your dreams in there. Submit it because when you pay for that dream interpretation, that’s what helps us pay for our research project.

Robert Plank: Cool. How much is a dream interpretation for you these days?

Amy Coello: I think it’s $19, and you have the opportunity to keep going back and forth with the dream interpreter. They’re doing to interpret the dream for you, and give you some advice and stuff.

Robert Plank: Cool. I mean, yeah, especially for us people who are not necessarily employees or might have high stress for us to make these decisions. $19 in order to solve even a small problem that prevents us from losing $1000 or cost us to make $10,000. That is for sure a bargain even if it is kind of weird, and maybe what people aren’t used to. Everything that you described today sounds like this is something that literally every human being alive needs to pay very close attention to.

Amy Coello: Everybody dreams. No one’s talking about it.

Robert Plank: They need to. The thing about all this dreams stuff is, I’m not just here to listen to some facts and figures. I’m going to be applying this myself with the dream journal. The meditation. The Sunday afternoon naps, so that I could get back to not only remembering my dreams, getting them more specific, and also controlling it. Replaying it and reliving the dreams so that I can change the outcome, and get those breakthroughs. That is AmyCoello.com and that is on Facebook Amy L Coello and that is eyes2c.org. Thanks for being on the show today, Amy, and sharing all your unique and clever insights about dreaming. I really appreciated you being on.

Amy Coello: Thank you so much for having me. I truly appreciate it.


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