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Amy Coello Special Guest on BadBoy Breakthrough with Lorna Poole (PODCAST)

August 23, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am CDT

Amy Coello was interviewed on Tuesday, August 23rd at 10AM CST on BadBoy Breakthrough with Lorna Poole. They discussed the topic of Sex Dreams. The podcast is available below. For more information on Lorna Poole please visit  http://bit.ly/BBB082316


ABOUT LORNA POOLELorna Poole Badboy Breakthrough

Lorna Poole isn’t just another dating coach — She spent countless sleepless nights trying to understand why her heart full of love was never returned. Lorna relates deeply to her clients because she has quite literally walked a mile in their heels, hoping and wishing things would change with the men she attracted.
As a woman with her own compelling badboy story, Lorna  knows all too well how easy it is to fall for the badboys that leaves you feeling empty and alone. Even though deep down she knew he could never give me what she wanted, she continued to tolerate and seek love from man that treated her poorly. Lorna reveals, “I saw myself as shy, timid and backwards. As a result, I found myself attracted to men who loved to play with my emotions and feelings. My close friends constantly told me I could do better, and intellectually, I knew that. But something always seemed to overpower my intellectual, rational mind.” When Lorna began a relationship with someone who caused her to hit rock bottom in every area of her life. She rose up from the utter despair, discouragement, and hopelessness to gain the strength she needed to begin to alter her life in every way.
Today, Lorna is grateful for this experience because it allowed her to make the changes necessary to attract the right partner – one who is so whole and complete himself that he adores her for everything she has to offer. Ultimately, her experiences gave her the chance to discover her gift for inspiring other women to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives and romantic relationships.
“One of the most important things I learned through this is that I have a lot to offer – and I want to let other women know that they too have so much to offer,” shares Lorna.
Badboy Breakthrough is committed to changing the lives of women who have hit the lowest point of their life find the courage to walk out of the dark and into the light. Which entails a flawless unity to find their Mr. Quality.


Lorna Poole