Dreamer. Speaker. Author.

Amy Coello is the wife of Robert Coello and a mother of many (eleven children).  Amy is a respected prophetic teacher, successful business owner with 20 years experience in the legal field. She is a dynamic speaker and storyteller. She is an author, television host, and ministry leader who has given her life fully to Jesus Christ and the advancement of his kingdom in the Having interpreted over a bazillion dreams, she leads the team of certified dream interpreters. Amy brings over 15 years of business start-up experience and plays a pivotal role in launching this exciting endeavor.

Over the last two decades, Amy has been teaching, speaking and equipping thousands of people all over the globe the key principles on how to interpret dreams, importance of understanding the parabolic language of heaven and how God speaks to us through symbols.

Starting in 2004, Amy worked for Streams Ministries and was mentored by John Paul Jackson.  John Paul sent out and ordained Amy and Robert go to the mission field where they planted two churches and house of prayer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Amy’s passion is to see each person recognize their calling, anointing and destiny and to run with it. She loves to watch the Father engage His people through dreams.  She loves to activate people through her writing, teaching, personal ministry time and mentoring.

There is a mandate on Amy's life to raise up an army of people that will be trained and ready to interpret dreams as God pours out His Spirit upon all mankind. (Acts 2:17) She is the founder of the largest Christian Dream Interpretation Facebook Group called Prophetic Dreams, Symbols and Interpretation. She is a gifted prophetic teacher who brings a strong anointing for interpretation and teaching interpretation, as well as a great level of transparency and humor.

Amy is the Author of Dreams: A Window Into Your Destiny, How To Talk To The UnChurched, and Dream Symbols

Amy Coello
Stephanie Eddins Sowerby
Stephanie Eddins Sowerby Entrepreneur
I just want to say a big thank you... You have given me so many tools for my dream life, the confidence interpreting my own dream[s]. I dreams several times a week with directional things I need to do, decisions, things God is doing and giving me better understanding, and things I need to pray about. Thank you for all your faithfulness for equipping the body. I cherish my dream life.
Robin Perry Braun
Robin Perry Braun M.Psy, CECP, ILPP Integrated Life Strategies
I have sat under Amy Coello’s teaching in various settings. From a small intimate classroom, to a larger workshop setting to a more formal conference environment, I have witnessed her teaching style. Amy is comfortable and captivating wherever she is given the microphone. Her revelation on dreams and teaching style is very clear and articulate. She is a great communicator, humorous and articulate. Her choice of language is user-friendly to people with all levels of education. </em><em>As an interpreter, I am never not amazed at her accuracy and ability to “nail” even the most complicated dream with certainty. She does not seem to throw out an interpretation with being sure it is on target, just to save face. Instead she will ask for input and wait until she gets a clear picture. She demonstrates and teaches this level of humility in her curriculum and gives God the glory.
Joy Burwell
Joy Burwell Ministry Leader
Often mysterious, dreams are a natural part of life, yet most of us have no grid from which to view them. Amy's easy style of instruction, combined with a gift for grasping meaning within metaphor serve to encourage and inspire in a way that is both relevant and life-changing.
Jennifer Lengwin
Jennifer Lengwin Educator
Amy, I just had to tell you that I was catching up on watching your dream episodes on <a style="color: #b34065;" href="http://kingdomflame.com/journey-into-your-dreams/">Kingdom Flame</a> and you interpreted a short dream or vision about a girl in her underwear being "covered." I was so surprised because I had SUCH a similar dream the other night. I was laying on a bed (completely naked though) and someone named Matthew pulled a blanket over me. (My friend Shawn was waiting in the other room and interestingly both Matthew and Shawn mean "Gift of God.") I thought it was so incredible to hear the interpretation of someone else's dream yet applicable to mine! Blessings!